MONDAY 17th May

11:00-11:15 David Milde, Miloslav Suchánek (Eurachem-CZ, Czech Republic) Opening of the workshop
11:15-11:30 Vicki Barwick (Eurachem Chair, UK) Introduction to Eurachem and its activities
11:30-11:55 Pavel Nosek (Czech Accreditation Institute, CZ) Experience of the Accreditation Body with the Transition to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
11:55-12:20 Isabelle Vercruysse (Eurachem Vice-Chair, Belgium) Revised ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – Laboratory view
12:50-13:15 Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva (Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal) Assessment of qualitative analysis performance and uncertainty
13:15-13:40 Piotr Robouch (JRC EC, Belgium) Guides, leaflets and more – online calculation/validation tools
13:40-14:40  Isabelle Vercruysse (Eurachem Vice-Chair, Belgium) Breakout session I – Revised ISO/IEC 17025
 13:40-14:40  Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva (Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal) Breakout session I – Qualitative Analysis Fitness for Purpose
14:40-15:00 Conclusions of breakout sessions
15:00-15:05 Miloslav Suchánek (Eurachem-CZ, Czechia) Closing of the day 1


TUESDAY 18th May

11:00-11:05Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Opening of the day 2
11:05-11:30Kyriacos Tsimillis*, Sappho Michael**
(*Division of Quality Assurance PUC, **Ministry of Health, Cyprus)
Ensuring Quality: A key element in analytical and clinical laboratories
11:30-11:55Vicki Barwick
(Eurachem Chair, UK)
Planning method validation studies
11:55-12:20Lorens Sibbesen
(Method validation WG Chair, Denmark)
Is the sampling method as valid as the analytical method?
12:50-13:15Pieter Dehouck
(JRC EC, Belgium)
Extent of method validation – how much validation is enough?
13:15-13:40Steve Ellison
(Meaurement uncertainty and traceability WG Chair, UK)
Detection limits and detection capability
13:40-14:40 Online poster session
14:40-15:05Mike Ramsey
(Sampling uncertainty WG Chair, UK)
What is the uncertainty factor?
15:05-15:10Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Closing of the day 2



11:00-11:05 Miloslav Suchánek
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Opening of the day 3
11:05-11:30 Brian Brookman
(Proficiency testing WG Chair)
Demonstrating the validity of measurement results through reliable proficiency testing
11:30-11:55 Hana Zelená
(Public Health Institute Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Pros and Cons of the SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Tests
11:55-12:20 Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
(Qualitative analysis WG Chair, Portugal)
Use of in-house validation data in measurement uncertainty evaluation
12:20-12:45 Bertil Magnusson
(Trollboken, Sweden)
Eurachem Guidance on compliance assessment
12:45-13:15   COFFEE/LUNCH BREAK
13:15-14:15 Steve Ellison
(Meaurement uncertainty and traceability WG Chair, UK)
Breakout session II – software validation
   Bertil Magnusson
(Trollboken, Sweden)
Brekout session II – compliance assessment
14:15-14:35   Conclusions of breakout sessions
14:35-14:45 Miloslav Suchánek, David Milde
(Eurachem-CZ, Czechia)
Closing of the workshop